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The Production of Detergents in the CIS (Part I)
Eurasian chemical market

The Production of Detergents in the CIS (Part I)

     The Russian detergent market (including synthetic detergents and soap) is distinguished by the domination of transnational corporations with foreign capital such as Procter & Gamble, Henkel, and Unilever. As a result, most domestic manufacturers try to stay afloat in the upmarket and midmarket segments. However, there are companies that successfully compete with foreign corporations (Nefis Cosmetics JSC, Aist CJSC and Neva Cosmetics JSC). The aggregate capacities for synthetic detergents in Russia are estimated at over 1.2m tpy. But the actual output makes up 800,000 tpy, since the capacity utilisation does not reach 100%. Considerable growth occurs in all sectors: powder detergents, dishwashing liquids, soap, etc. The article examines the present state of each sector, describes main detergent producers, dynamics and tendencies of foreign trade in the branch, and gives an outlook for further development.

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