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The Uzbek Chemical Industry Bursting With Untapped Growth Opportunities
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The Uzbek Chemical Industry Bursting With Untapped Growth Opportunities

     Today Uzbekistan still has a lot of economic, political and social problems, in spite of the amazing progress made during the period of independence.In terms of its geographical position, Uzbekistan is sometimes called a boiling cauldron with a closed lid. In modern terms one could say that the chemical industry of the country is bursting with untapped growth opportunities. Navoiyazot JSC, the Uzbek chemical behemoth with a broad portfolio composed of products for different consumer markets, still plays a part of a driving force, but a lot of new chemical plants have been recently built or upgraded here. Let's mention only Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, Mubarek Gas Processing and Qong'irat Soda plants as well as new production units commissioned at numerous enterprises manufacturing mineral fertilizers, organic and inorganic chemicals, plastics and coatings, rubber goods and chemical fibres…


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