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Production and Global Market for Vinyl-Pyridine Latexes
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Production and Global Market for Vinyl-Pyridine Latexes

Vinyl-pyridine latex (VPL) is used for dipping tyre cord fabric and industrial cloth to enhance their adhesion to rubber compounds. Though VPL is produced in relatively small quantities, it is an excellent tyre life extender. The world demand for VPL averages 100,000 tonnes, of which China satisfies 40%.

Russia consumes vinyl-pyridine latexes in very small quantities. The country's yearly imports make up 200–300 tonnes. In 2008, there were imported 324 tonnes of VPL followed by a marked decline to 224 tonnes in 2009.

Our article will help you learn all the latest information on production and global market for vinyl-pyridine latexes.

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