Eurasian chemical market

The Current State of Methanol Market in Russia and China

Methanol is a colourless liquid at ambient temperatures with a mild, characteristic alcohol odour. It is produced from synthesis gas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon oxides. Methanol is used as a solvent and as a feedstock for bulk organic chemicals (primarily formaldehyde), with modest growth potential.

Russia produces methanol of two grades A and B. The 2010 methanol output summed up 2.7m tonnes. There are nine plants the largest of which are Metafrax JSC, Sibmetakhim Ltd and Togliattiazot JSC, etc. China is the largest consumer of methanol after the U.S. There is a high potential in China for the construction of new facilities with the overall capacity of up to 10-12m tpy of methanol by 2020.

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