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Review of Potassium Chloride Production in CIS
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Review of Potassium Chloride Production in CIS

For the last year, the CIS consumption of KCl hiked 29% and it will probably lead to rise in price and demand for potash fertilisers. The average growth in potash fertiliser demand is 5-7% per year.

It is supposed that in early 2011, Uralkali combined with Silvinit JSC will have a total capacity of about 10.5m tpy. By 2012 the capacity is planned to be increased to 12.64m tpy.

Belaruskalli JSC plans to expand potash fertiliser capacity up to 9m tonnes by the end of 2012.

In July of 2010 the 200,000 tpy Dekhkanabad potash fertiliser plant was commissioned in Uzbekistan. By 2014, its capacity will increase up to 400,000 tpy.

Eurochem JSC plans to start the development of the Gremyachinsk field and reach the production capacity of 2.3m tpy of potash fertiliser by 2013.

In 2012 the CIS market for potash fertilisers is expected to be oversupplied taking into account that the currently operating manufacturers of potassium chloride plan to increase capacities and launch new productions. You are welcome to read the full article in the current issue of our magazine.

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