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PVC in Russia: With Hope For The Best
Eurasian chemical market

PVC in Russia: With Hope For The Best

The Russian PVC market is experiencing a huge supply scarcity which determines boom in prices and loss of market positions. If several years ago the question raised was “how to sell,” today the painful problem is “where to get.” Some capacities are shut down, market rates are missed. The Russian PVC manufacturers who were earlier noticed at the world market now are replaced by suppliers from Europe, Asia and Middle East. The producers are unable to provide a sufficient amount of PVC, though operate at full capacity; the processing companies lacked for raw materials raise the alarm being on the verge of a total financial crash. The situation is disruptive for all market participants who this year will have to go the extra mile to cope with the deficit... Please read the full article to know more about not only Russian, but also Ukrainian PVC market.

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