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Russian Market for Sweeteners
Eurasian chemical market

Russian Market for Sweeteners

Synthetic sweeteners, or polyols, are hydrogenated forms of sugars. The most important four-basic sweetener is erythritol; five-basic – xylitol; six-basic – sorbitol, mannitol and inositol and 12-basic – maltitol, isomaltitol and lactitol. The main area of their use is the food industry.

The Russia market offers mostly sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, maltitol and isomaltitol. Nowadays, there is only one maker of synthetic sweeteners in Russia – Marbiopharm JSC. The domestic consumption of synthetic sweeteners in 2009 accounted to 37,600 tonnes. A bulk of products is used in the production of chewing gums.

The article examines each of the fifth sweeteners, presented at the Russian market, their properties, production technologies, application spheres and perspectives for the future.

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