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Review of International Exhibition Interchem-Oilchem2009
Eurasian chemical market

Review of International Exhibition Interchem-Oilchem2009

     At 20-22 October in Kyiv on the territory of the National Complex «Expocenter of Ukraine» in the framework of Industrial week-2009, the International Exhibition «Interchem-Oilchem- 2009» was held. Vladimir Krishtal, a member of the Editorial Board of our journal, described this event and also other special exhibitions («Guma-2009», «Fuel-Resources-Energy-2009», «Anti-corrossion protection-2009»), which were held simultaneously in one big pavilion.
     «Industrial Week-2009» is an effective marketing instrument, because it allows for the analyses of the situation in the domestic market and brings into contact new clients for a sales boost. At the same time, this year there were not so many people at the exhibition. There were several reasons for this — from the global economic turmoil to the danger of the Californian flue (or pig flue), which came to Ukraine. However, every cloud has a silver lining. With the complete lack of a gadabout public, the companies’ specialists, who presented their products at the exhibition, paid a lot of attention to the visitors who were interested in certain questions and innovations.

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