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Obtaining Tantalum Pentoxide in Pulsating Column
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Obtaining Tantalum Pentoxide in Pulsating Column

     The most widely used method of separation of tantalum and columbium and removal of impurities from target products is the liquid extraction. Fluoride complexes of tantalum and columbium are extractable by organic solvents. From the re-extract, which contains the fluoride complex of Tantalum, tantalum hydroxide is precipitated by ammonia water. In order to avoid contamination of tantalum pentoxide during calcination, it is necessary to get its hydroxide with a minimum content of fluoride-ion.
     In order to remove fluoride-ion more effectively and reducing the timing and volume of rising water, a technology of hydroxide tantalum washing in continuous countercurrent conditions on the pulsating column was developed by design department of Russian Rare Metals Plant (Sankt-Petersburg), the column being equipped with 10 perforated plates. Comparing to the washing by repulping-filtration method in a reactor with mechanical agitation, the usage of hydroxide tantalum washing in continuous operation in a pulsating column has many advantages…

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