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Global Market of Phenol
Eurasian chemical market

Global Market of Phenol

      Phenol is one of the key-chemical products, which determines the progress first of all in the polymeric field. It has colourless, needle-shaped crystals, which turn pink when exposed to the air because of the oxidation which it brings to the coloured products. It is soluble in water, alkali solutions, alcohol, benzol and acetone. Without phenol the commercial development of the large-tonnage engineering plastics – polyamide, polycarbonate and a wide range of phenolics and epoxy acid - is not possible. At the present time, the global production of phenol reaches 10 million tonnes per year. The largest phenol manufacturers are: the company INEOS Phenol GmbH, American company Sunoco Chemicals, Japanese company Mitsui Chemicals, The Shell Chemical Company, Spanish company Ertisa, Japanese Company the Mitsui Chemicals, Russian phenol Company Ufaorgsintez JSC. The main global phenol consumer is Asia…

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