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Market of Polysulfide Rubbers and Thiokol-based Sealants in CIS
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Market of Polysulfide Rubbers and Thiokol-based Sealants in CIS

     Polysulfide rubbers (polysulfide elastomers, thiokols) are the oldest of the specialty rubbers and are characterized by excellent solvent and chemical resistance, great electrical properties, very-low-temperature flexibility, oxygen and ozone resistance, impermeability, good adhesion properties and excellent flex-crack resistance. Russia is one of the three world producers of thiokols (the rest – Germany and Japan). Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC is sole manufacturer of polysulfide elastomers in Russia. Globally, 95% of thiokols are consumed for sealant applications: sealants for double-pane insulating glass windows, construction sealants, sealants for aircraft fuel tanks and aircraft bodies, etc. Russian manufacturers produce about 7,000 tonnes of polysulfide sealants a year. Our article offers more detailed info on the issue.

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