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The Current State of the Russian Polypropylene Market
Eurasian chemical market

The Current State of the Russian Polypropylene Market

     Polypropylene (PP) is known as one of the most common thermoplastic polymers in the world. And the global PP market has been exhibiting one of the fastest growth rates, with the demand for the polymer continuously increasing. In 2008, polypropylene consumption amounted to 44.4m tonnes. However, the global financial crisis has affected most of polypropylene markets, including the Russian one. As a result of the lower demand, the manufacturers had to reduce their prices as well as production outputs. Moreover, the launch of a number of new projects was suspended for an unspecified period of time.This article describes five polypropylene manufacturers operating in Russia (with Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc. as the leader), their production capacities, capacity utilisation rates, and expansion projects.

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