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Global Economic Turmoil Opening Up New Opportunities for Russian Chemical Industry?
Eurasian chemical market

Global Economic Turmoil Opening Up New Opportunities for Russian Chemical Industry?

     To adopt an antirecession state policy is a must for overcoming the consequences of the global economic turmoil observed in the Russian chemical industry. A development path will be chosen in the context of limited financial resources and tough competition with foreign companies both in the external and internal markets. First of all, the Russian government should retain and boost the demand for chemical products within the country, considers S.A. Zabolotskij, Ph.D. in Economics, Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (Novosibirsk, Russia).
     In order to understand what’s happening now, it’s necessary to outline the structure of the chemical industry. The Russian chemical industry falls into two groups. The first one includes export-oriented enterprises, and the second one is focused on the domestic market. Overcoming the negative consequences of the crisis and stimulating the chemical industry require the development of new strategic goals for each of the segments.
     In what segments of the chemical industry is it necessary to inject investments first of all?This article offers answers to this and other issues of the day.

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