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Ukrainian Bioethanol: Three-Year Test Period
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Ukrainian Bioethanol: Three-Year Test Period

     At the beginning of the 21st century, the production facilities of Ukrspirt, a Ukrainian state concern of distilling and alcoholic beverage industry, manufactured approximately 20,000 tpy of a high-octane oxygen-containing additive for mixed petrols. However, in reality, all of this industrial spirit was channeled into the underground alcoholic beverage market. As a result, the idea of using bioethanol in petrol production had been tarnished by scandal for some time.
     The next two or three years may be regarded as a test period for another state-run “ethanol” project in Ukraine. According to the author of the article, Yevhen Puschyk, the country has a chance (though only a slim one) of entering the European Union market on the back of the potential decrease in Brazilian ethanol supplies.
     Ukrspirt has already announced the distribution of its distilling plants by operations. In particular, bioethanol and biofuel will be produced by 8 plants, with a total capacity of 103,520 tpy. At the same time, 14 plants, with an overall capacity of 82,776 tpy, will be engaged in manufacturing crude alcohol for bioethanol.

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