Eurasian chemical market

Indene-Coumarone Resins and their Uses

     Indene-coumarone resins (ICRs), produced from coumarone- and indene-rich coal-tar resin fractions, had dominated the world varnish market till the first petroleum resins emerged in the 1940s. Still, today, many industrial sectors badly need this group of products. ICRs are mainly consumed by the paints & coatings, rubber, and construction industries.
     There are few companies in the world engaged in the production of indene-coumarone resins. In particular, they are Neville Chemical Company and Western Reserve Chemical Corporation in the United States, Rutgers Germany GmbH in Germany, Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works JSC in Russia, Stakhaniv Coking Plant SE in Ukraine, and some others.
     This article outlines the world production of indene-coumarone resins and their uses.

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