Eurasian chemical market

Ukraine: Couleur Locale

     In recent years, the consumption of paints and coatings has been growing steadily in Ukraine, with a simultaneous rise in competition among the local manufacturers. Foreign companies have been entering into this admittedly profitable market as well.
     A specific feature of Ukraine is that domestic companies are predominantly focused on the internal consumer. Up to 80% of the paints and coatings consumed in the country are manufactured locally.
     From the beginning of 2008, the Ukrainian coatings market has been sliding into a period of turbulence as the consuming industries, such as the construction sector, suffered a decline amid the global crisis. The 2008 consumption volumes didn’t show even minor growth and actually crept down YOY, some experts believe the domestic demand will reach 400,000 tonnes in 2010 in Ukraine.
     Even so, the country’s paints and coatings market still possesses a strong potential. And, in spite of the fact that the major players have already got a firm ground, the Ukrainian paints and coatings market may still see a certain reshuffling.

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