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Polymers in the Automotive Industry
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Polymers in the Automotive Industry

     Leading multi-national automobile concerns presently enjoy a two-fold increase in their production output which took place over the past decade. The contribution of various polymer segments to the production of complex auto parts and cool gadgets has soared as well, with preference being given to the polypropylenes, polyurethanes, ABS plastics, and polyamides. So, as it stands now, plastics rank second in significance after metals in automobile construction.
     Polymer feedstock, as provided to the Russian auto industry, was the main subject of the International Conference “Polymers in Automobile Construction 2008” held by Creon CJSC in Moscow on 28 August.
     Have you ever thought of how much polymer the production of an automobile requires? This and other amusing questions were addressed at the international conference. Find the answers in our article.

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