Eurasian chemical market
№12(60), 2011

№12(60), 2011



- Omsk-based Polyom Obtained First Batch of PP Pellets
- Building and Installation Operations at Tobolsk Polypropylene Complex Performed by 50%
- Prepreg-SKM Launches Manufacture of Carbon Fibre-based Fabrics
- Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Terminated Case Against Cartel Agreement on Market of Soft Cable Compounds
- Ukraine-based Tigres Commissioned Production Line for Plastic Toys
- Kazakhstan Boosts Manufacture of PE Pipes
- Interfoam Postpones IPO at Warsaw Stock Exchange
- Moscow-based Arsenal Assembled and Tested New Co-extrusion Barrier Film Line

Rubbers and tyres


- Sibur-Russian Tyres to Acquire Matador-Omskshina
- Continental AG to Build Tyre Plant in Kaluga
- Nizhnekamsk SSC Produced New Model of Solid Steel Cord Tyres
- Omsky Kauchuk Produced First Batches of Rubber by New Technology
- Togliattikauchuk Won Contest “Best Product-2011 of Privolzhsky Federal District“
- Ukrainian Dniproshyna to Resume Production by 2012
- Tyres Production in Ukraine Down by 16.2% in October
- Ukraine's Output of Cord Fabric Slumped to its Lowest Level in October
- Ukrainian State Property Fund Again Fails to Sell 74.6% in Rosava OJSC
- Belshina to Deliver Tyres to Myanmar
- Serbia and Cooper Tire Inked Framework Investment Contract


The Methanol Economy Outlook

The global methanol market is gaining momentum, outstripping all recent estimations. As a prospective alternative energy source, methanol is finding more and more new applications in various industries. The current world’s methanol capacity amounts to 61m tonnes and new projects are currently underway. The leadership in the methanol industry is determined by the access to natural gas. The key...


- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Imrove Quality of Diesel Fuel
- Omsky Kauchuk Produced 2m Tonnes of MTBE
- Budyonnovsk-based Stavrolen to Resume Ethylene Production in Spring 2012
- ShchekinoAzot Continues Reconstruction of Caprolactam Production
- Reconstruction Project of Sibur-Kstovo's Ethylene Unit Approved
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Down 14.4% in October
- Rubizhne Zaria Picks Benzol to Acquire Toluene for USD 5.89m


Manufacture and Market of Rare Earths and their Compounds in CIS

Is there anything in common between high-energy magnets and lasers, cellphone displays and X-ray equipment, catalysts for oil refining and electric cars? And what if a certain country strives to become a monopolist in this industry while the other world is in constant fear of this?... Rare earth elements act as an interlink of such seemingly different things. Nowadays, China is almost a monopolist...


- Sterlitamak-based Soda Celebrated 60-Years of its Activities
- AkzoNobel Chemicals Signs JV Agreement with Ilim Group
- Ammonia Production and Exports in Ukraine in October
- Stirol Re-Starts Third Ammonium Plant After Standstill
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production and Exports in October
- Ukrainian Caustic Soda Production Soared 2.6 Times in October
- Sulphuric Acid Production in Ukraine Rose 22.6% in October
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Production and Exports Fell in October
- State Property Fund of Ukraine Hopes for Concluding Amicable Agreement with Crimean Titan Over Lease of Irshansk and Vilnohirsk Ore Plants
- Silicium Kazakhstan Celebrates One Year of its Metallurgical Silicon Production
- Kazakhstan Constructed Sulphuric Acid Plant



- Russia Fertiliser Manufacturer Adds Honeywell Simulation System
- PhosAgro to Restore Production at Apatite-Nepheline Beneficiation Plant #2
- Uralkali Announces Q3 2011 Top Line and Operating Performance Data
- Sibur to Sell 100% of Sibur-Fertilizers
- Uralchem Announced Financial Results for First Nine Months of 2011
- Uralkali Refused to Reduce Potassium Chloride Prices
- Ukrainian Production, Exports, and Imports of Ammonium Nitrate in October
- Ukraine: Carbamide Production and Exports Grew in October
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce no Superphosphates in October
- Ukrainian Production and Exports of UAN in October
- Ukrainian N-P-K Production Grew by 54.8% in October
- Ammophos Production in Ukraine Remained Stable in October
- Ukrainian Ammonium Sulphate Production Down by 45.8% in October
- Ukrainian Imports of Potassium Chloride Increased by 9.8% in October
- BPC to Deliver Fertilisers worth USD 250m to Vietnam
- Eurasian Development Bank Transferred USD 100m to Belaruskali
- Belarus to Produce 15m Tonnes of Potash Fertilisers in Near Future

Paints and coatings


- Elinar Opened New Production Unit for Varnishes
- Ukraine to Prolong Licensing Imports and Exports of Watermarked Paper and Special Printing Inks until 2012
- Korund Trading House Introduced New Trademark of Paints and Coatings
- New Composite Oil Paint

Chemistry and energy


- Kazatomprom Starts Construction of Solar Cells Plant in Astana

Chemistry and business


- Tatneft Started up New Company
- Uralkali Repurchases Stocks and GDR
- EuroChem Rewarded for its High Level of Corporate Disclosure
- PhosAgro Targets Rare Earth Processing
- Sibur Transferred Assets of Kirov Tyre Plant JSC to Pirelli and Russian Technologies
- RusVinyl Project Announced Deal of 2011

Countries and regions

Small can be Beautiful (Review of the chemical industry of Slovenia)

Being the most successful of the former Yugoslavia's republics, small Slovenia has made a quick and smooth transition to a market economy. As of today, Slovenia is among the most quickly growing European states, that enjoys prosperity and stability. Its chemical sector is one of the key components of Slovenia's...
Speciality chemicals

Emerging Markets for Surfactants

Exponential growth of demand for high quality personal care products in the Middle Asia, North Africa, India, Turkey, Russia and CIS prompts surfactants manufacturers to focus much attention on these emerging markets. The necessity to gain the vital information on this situation has brought the key global manufacturers to Istanbul where CMT’s “Surfactants, Personal & Home Care –...


- Production of Epitaxial Wafers for High-Speed Optical Components Opens in St. Petersburg
- New Light-Weight Magnesium-Silicate Propping Agent Patented in Russia
- Vinnitsiapobutkhim Launched Production Line for Liquid Detergents
- Belarusian-Polish JV to Produce Household Chemicals in Grodno
- Unilever to Expand its Detergents Factory in Romania



- Verofarm Announces Financial Results for First Nine Months of 2011
- Ukrainian Healthcare Ministry Picks 8 Companies for Procurement of Medications for USD 2.6m
- Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine Aiming to Increase Its Share of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Market from 4.5% to 4.7% in 2012
- Ukraine: Imports of Pharmaceutical Products 6% up to USD 279.4m in October
- Starvays Pharm Reaches Agreement with Healthcare Ministry on Supply of Medicines Worth USD 1.8m
- Olainfarm Announces New Cooperation Partners and Forecasts
- GlaxoSmithKline Invested USD 7m in its Plant in Romania

Chemical Equipment


- NIIK Signed Contract with KazAzot and Kemerovo-based Azot
- Russian Scientist Obtained Patent for Filter-Separator
- Shchekinoazot to Build Water Rotation Cycle

Chemistry and Ecology


- Nizhnekamskshina Improves Environmental Safety
- New Method of Cleaning Air from Radioactive Substances
- Belaruskali Holds Public Discussion on Building Chemical Integrated Works in Belarus
- Ukraine to Remove Highly Toxic Wastes from Horlivka Chemical Factory before 2012
- EU Supports Ban on Phosphate-based Detergents

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