Eurasian chemical market
№1(49), 2011

№1(49), 2011


Polystyrene and ABS-plastics Market in Ukraine

Currently, the Ukrainian market for polystyrene is suffering recession. The consumption dropped 16.1%, to 60,300 tonnes in 2009 and is expected to fall 15% more in 2010. Concern Stirol JSC (Horlivka) is the only polystyrene producer in Ukraine. The company’s 2008 output reached a record figure of 37,900 tonnes, but a notable reduction in the manufacture took place in 2009. The then output decreased...


DSM and KuibyshevAzot Announce Strategic Co-operation in Russia
Chemical Fibers Production in Ukraine down to 64 Tonnes in November
Polystyrene Production in Ukraine up to 2,533 Tonnes in November
Karpatnaftokhim Postpones Commissioning of PVC Suspension Unit for March 2011
Shurtan Mining and Chemical Plant Exported 46,500 Tonnes of PE in 2010
Funke Kunststoffe to Construct Two Plastics Plants in Kazakhstan
Cereplast to Supply Bioplastic Resin to the Polish and Romanian Marketplace through New Partnerships

Rubbers and tyres

Market Review of Main Synthetic Rubbers in Russia

Synthetic rubbers have been commercially produced for almost 80 years. They account for 56% of world rubber production. In 2009 companies around the world produced 12.1m tonnes of synthetic rubbers, while the demand for them was 11.8m tonnes. Russia, in its turn, accounts for 8.1% of world production and its share of global synthetic rubber market is 3.4%. 2009 saw a significant decline in production...


Nizhnekamskshina : Good Results in 2010
Tyres Production in Ukraine down by 7.2% in November
Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant Increases Output to 40,200 Tonnes in 2010
Ukraine: Reduced Production, Export and Import of Cord Fabric in November


Ethylbenzene: Production and Market in Russia

Ethylbenzene is widely used in the petrochemical industry as an intermediate for production of styrene, raw material for polystyrene, ABS resin and synthetic rubbers.

Currently, global production capacity of ethylbenzene is 35m tpy. In Russia, there are four producers of C6H5CH2CH3: Nizhnekamskneftekhim JSC, Salavatnefteorgsintez JSC, Sibur-Khimprom CJSC and the Angarsk Polymer Plant JSC....


Quality of Propane Produced by Tobolsk-Neftekhim Raised to European Level
SIBUR Increased Volumes of LPG Production and Supply to Domestic Market
Preliminary Results of Samaraorgsintez in 2010
Styrene Imports into Ukraine down to 2,063 Tonnes in November, 2010


Sodium Bicarbonate Production and Market in CIS

The CIS market will see a stable 2-3% annual growth in demand for sodium bicarbonate in the nearest five years.

The bulk of baking soda in the CIS is made to meet the needs of the population. Soda JSC (Russia) is the only operating sodium bicarbonate manufacturer over the whole territory of CIS.

The company has a capacity of 140,000 tpy and produces about 4% of 2.5m tonnes...


Ukraine's Ammonia Production and Export up in November
Ukraine's Soda Ash Production up in November but Exports down
Caustic Soda Production in Ukraine Rebound
Ukraine's Titanium Dioxide Production and Exports up in November
Air Liquide to Invest USD 331m into Manufacture of Industrial Gases in Kazakhstan
Mozyr Oil Refinery Commissioned Hydrogen Generator
Farg'onaazot Investments to Upgrade of Synthetic Ammonia Facility



SIBUR-Fertilizers Announces Strong 9 Month 2010 Financials According to IFRS
Uralkali and Silvinit Announce 2010 Production Results
Uralchem Announces Production Results for 2010
Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry: Agrarian Fund May Buy Mineral Fertilizer for Resale to Farmers for Spring Agricultural Fieldwork
Stirol Renews Production of Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Nitrate Production in Ukraine down to 184,900 Tonnes in December but Export Prices are Stable
Cherkasy-Based Azot Re-Launches Operation of its M-6 Carbamide Workshop
Urea Production in Ukraine up to 321,800 tonnes in December
UAN Production in Ukraine Shrank to 16,800 tonnes in December
Ammophos Production in Ukraine up in 3 Times in November
BPC to Supply 600,000 tonnes of Potassium Chloride to China
Belgorkhimprom Assesses Phosphate Reserves in Venezuelan Deposit
Kazakhstan to Become a Large Exporter of Potsssium Fertlisers by 2013
Romania's Interagro to Sell out Chemical and Fertilizer Companies

Paints and coatings


4,6% Prices Increase on Paints in Russia for 11 months of 2010
Russia's Rogneda Launched Three New Products
Roshal Paints Factory to Produce Powder Coatings in Early 2011
New Line for Production of Phthalocyanine Pigments Launched in Tambov
Ingersoll Rand pumps for Siegwerk SPb
Rivne Nuclear Power Plant to Purchase 31.3 Tonnes of Paint Materials
Turkmenistan Readies Construction of New P&C Production Facilities

Chemistry and energy


First Batches of Polysilicon Produced at a Large-scale Manufacturing Facility in Russia
Belaruskali to Process Oil Shale
Irish-Hungarian Ethanol Venture to be Operational Early in 2012
Saratov Oil Refinery Started Production of Euro 4 Diesel Fuel

Chemistry and business


Changes in the Shareholders’ Structure of the SIBUR Holding
Dorogobuzh Transfers 100% of its Interest in Andrex to Balttrans Logistic Holding
Uralchem Announces Completion of another Reorganization Stage
Nizhnekamskneftekhim: Collective Agreement for 2011 Approved
Bayer Technology Services Expanding its Presence in the Emerging Markets in Russia
Ostchem Ukraine Arranges with ZTMK Supply of Dry Carnallite for UAH 46.3m by November 2011
DniproAzot Arranges for Supply of Chemical Products Worth UAH 6.4m to Smoly by 2012
Higher Economic Court of Ukraine Upholds Court Ruling Obliging Korona 2000 To Pay UAH 7m to Kremniipolimer
Odesa Portside Factory should Invest UAH 169m in its Development and Upgrade but Faces Some Problems
Nairit Still in Debt to Electric Networks of Armenia
Turkmenistan Acquired Tanker to Transport Chemicals across the Caspian Sea
AzMeCo Methanol Project Keeps on Developing
Azelis Completes the Acquisition of Finkochem, Serbia
Bulgaria Invites Sumitomo Chemical to Use its Port of Burgas for Logistics and Shipping

Countries and regions


Russians Show Interest in Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia
France's Air Liquide Strengthening its Position in Poland and Azerbaijan
Chemical Producer Prices in Latvia Increased by 5% in Q4, 2010

Speciality chemicals


TNK-BP to Invest USD 1.7m in Bitumen Production Development
EBRD to Finance Oil and Gas Field Chemical Production in Kazakhstan
Photocurable Adhesive Composition Invented in Russia to Prolong Service Life of Organic Light-Emitting diodes
Italian Mapei Buys Ceramic Tile Adhesives and Thermal Insulation Systems Producing Plant from Bulgaria's Orgachim
Polish Cosmetics Manufacturer Bielenda to Take Advantage through the Use of Millad® NX8000 Clarifying Agent



Pharmstandard Announces the Acquisition of 55% Stake in Biolik (Ukraine)
Novartis to Invest USD 500m in Russia
Venus Remedies Receives Sulbactomax Patent from Russia and Ukraine
Imports of Pharmaceutical Products into Ukraine down to USD 247m in November
Ukrainian Cabinet Sets 62 Enterprises' Quotas for Excise-Free Supplies of Spirits for Production of Drugs in 2011
Azerbaijani Pharmaceutical Industry Staying Better in December
VAT Hampers Development of Armenia’s Pharmaceutical Market
Bulgarian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer Sopharma to Acquire Pharmacy Chain in Belarus
Slovenia's Krka Pharmaceutical Group Sees its Net Profit Less YOY
Bosnian Drugs Producer Sees its Profits down

Chemical Equipment


Compressor of New Generation Created in Sumy
Rosava Installs Second Shaper Vulcaniser Line by Germany's Harburg Freudenberger

Chemistry and Ecology


Uralchem Receives Certificate of Participant of Global Responsible Care Initiative
Dnipropetrovsk Prosecutors Want Court to Collect UAH 4.3m from DniproAzot for Violations of Environment Protection Legislation

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