Eurasian chemical market

№2(14), 2008


New Polymers: Polyaryleneetherketones

     Polyaryleneetherketones (PAEK) or aromatic polyether-ketones are high heat-resistant aromatic polymers containing ether links and ketone groups in the main chain which are joined together by arylene groups. The main representatives of polyaryleneetherketones are polyetherketone (PEK), polyetheretherketone (PEEK), polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), polyetherether ketoneketone (PEEKK),...

The State of the CIS Polybutylene Terephtalate Market

     Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a crystalline, high molecular weight polymer that has an excellent balance of properties and processing characteristics. It finds application in the auto industry, electronics, and electrical engineering. PBT enjoys the highest demand in the auto industry, being processed into electronic components for air conditioning systems, controllers,...


- Ukrainian JSC to Buy Plastics Closure Plant
- Inter Primo to Build Russian Plastic Profile Plant
- Russian AK Bars Bank JSC and Korean KP Chemical Ink a Contract
- TekhnoNikol Starts First Polymer Membrane Plant in Russia
- Karpov Chemical Plant Boosts Production of Extruded Polystyrene Foam in 2007
- Spunbond to Be Manufactured in Tatarstan's Free Economic Zone
- Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno (Belarus) to Export General Service Uniforms to the CIS Countries
- Azerbaijani NJT-2000 and Hungarian BorsodСhem Sign Memorandum in Budapest
- The Third Line for Polyamide 6 Comes on Stream at Kuibyshevazot JSC
- Grinn Sells BOPP Film Plant to Gazprom
- Salavatnefteorgsintez JSC to Launch HDPE Unit on Its Monomer Plant
- Safplast JSC Plans Tatarstan Plant
- LDPE Production in Tomskneftekhim to Grow by 17.6%
- Cherkasy Khimvolokno Posted Net Profit of UAH 9.98m in 2007
- Ukraine Decreased Polystyrene Production in January
- Promens Zlin Supplies Russian Firm Rostselmash

Rubbers and tyres


- Kyiv Plant of Rubber and Latex Goods Ended Year 2007 with Profit of UAH 181,000
- Bila Tserkva Rubber Goods Plant Posted Net Loss of UAH 0.6m in 2007
- Production at Kirov Tyre Complex Resumed
- Polymer-NKNH has Invested USD 8m in Setting Up a New Production Line
- Nokian to Install Three New Production Lines in Russian Factory

The Ukrainian Market of Mechanical Rubber Goods

     The Ukrainian rubber products market has taken on the important role of the development and functioning of the target markets in Russia and the CIS. In 2006, rubber, tyres, and industrial rubber goods together made up 8% of the chemical industry of Ukraine, while industrial rubber goods sector represented about 2%. The Ukrainian market for rubber products is in fact saturated...

Formaldehyde in the CIS

     The commercial production of formaldehyde in Russia was first set up at a chemical plant that belonged to the brothers Krasaviny in the town of Zhilevo (Moscow Region) in 1909-1910. The consumption of formaldehyde in Russia as well as in the CIS is rising from year to year. The demand for the chemical in Russia in the previous year was nearly 1m tonnes. About 90% of it fell...


- Belarusian Oil Refiners’ Profitability Triples in January
- Volzhsky Orgsynthese JSC Increases N-Methylaniline Prices
- Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries Announces Tender


Review of the CIS Market for Caustic Soda

     Caustic soda also known as sodium hydrate and caustic alkali is a basic feedstock in a number of industries including the chemical industry, where it is used for the production of various sodium salts, phosphates, organic compounds, and other chemicals. Besides these, NaOH is used to convert wood into cellulose while sulphate pulping, bauxites into aluminium oxide, and mineral...


- Antimonopoly Committee (Ukraine) Approves Acquisition of Controlling Interest in Lisichanskaya Soda JSC
- Sulfuric Acid Output in Ukraine Increased by 11.1% in 2007
- Sumykhimprom to Invest over USD 6m into Sulfuric Acid Production
- Crimean Soda Plant JSC to Start Production of Table Salt
- The Venture Fund for the Development of Artificial Sapphire Production to Be Set Up in Armenia
- Soda JSC (Sterlitamak) Announced 2007 Results
- Tengizchevroil Ltd Raises Sulphur Sales
- Krasnoyarsk Chemical-Metallurgical Plant Diversifying away from Lithium Production



- Price Trends on Ukrainian Fertiliser Market in February 2008
- Ukrainian Ministry of Agricultural Policy to Initiate Regulation of Fertiliser Prices during Sowing Season
- January Exports of Fertilisers from Uzbekistan Hit USD 840,000
- January Results for Balakovskyie Mineralnyie Udobrenia and Ammofos
- BPC to Increase Prices of Potash Fertilisers in China by USD 100 per Tonne and Raises Export Prices for Sri Lanka
- Samarqandkimyo JSC to Launch NP Fertiliser Production
- Latvia Сuts Tariffs on Rail Transportation of Belorussian Potash Fertilisers
- South Korean Company to Open Plant for Potato Processing in Kyrgyzstan
- Over 702,000 Tonnes of Fertilisers to Be Supplied to Ukrainian Farmers in H1, 2008
- Novomoskovsk Azot Enjoys a 3% Growth in Nitrogen Fertilisers
- Phosphorit Industrial Group Improves Ammophos Production by 23.5% in 2007
- Cherkassy Azot JSC Net Income Increased by 263% in 2007

Paints and coatings


- Empils Heads the Paint Industry Ratings
- Paints Producer Himik CJSC to Optimise Logistics System
- Financial Innovations to Buy 25% Equity in Kryvyi Rih Red Lead Plant

Chemistry and energy


- Concern Stirol JSC to Reduce Natural Gas Consumption
- Armenia to Join Kazakhstan and Russia in Uranium Enrichment Center
- Titan-Agro Negotiates Over New Biodiesel Plant with Dutch Company
- South Korea, Uzbekistan Sign Gas Deal
- Itera Completes Investment in US Biofuel Production

Chemistry and business


- Gas Price Hikes Affect Ukrainian Chemical Industry
- The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Approved the List of 14 Companies for Sell with Land in 2008
- Concern Stirol Boosts Sales by 18.6% in 2007
- Donetsk-based Vega Purchased 49.98% Shares of Snezhnoe Chemical Engineering Plant
- Karpatnaftokhim Ltd Announced Work Plans for 2008
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc. Announced Financial Results for 2007
- Galnaftokhim CJSC Posted Net Profit of UAH 4.9m in 2007
- Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Approved the Privatisation Terms for Odesa Portside Plant
- TAIF Boosts Production by 11% in 2007
- The First Russian Industrial Chemical Cluster Planned in Tambov Region
- Tatarstan to Increase Chemical and Petrochemical Production by 8% in 2008
- Russian Fertiliser Producer Togliattiazot JSC Enjoys Output Growth
- Metafrax to Hold Annual Meeting of Shareholders on 24 April
- Kemerovokhimmash JSC to Become Part of Altayvagon
- BPC Still Interested in Incorporating Russian Silvinit
- EuroChem Invests USD 10m to Set up Ukrainian Subsidiary
- Kazakhstan Government Signed Three Memorandums of Understanding with UAE companies
- Azot-Energy Invest JSC Announced Work Results in 2007 and Plans for 2008
- Sibur Employees to Face Job Cuts
- Khimgrad Tenants Can Receive Tax Preferences
- Azerkimya to Be Restructured
- State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (Turkmenistan) Saw 31 Transactions Concluded in mid-February

Speciality chemicals


- Vinnitsapobutkhim CJSC Increased Production on 44.3% up to UAH 8m (USD 1.584m) in Q4 2007
- Sumykhimprom JSC, Gabriel-Chemie Group and Balford Ukraine JSC to Establish Pigments Masterbatches Facility
- Azerkimya's Surfactants Factory Announces a Tender for Technical Salt
- Pigment-Tambov JSC Announced Results of 2007
- Kiilto Expands its Production Activities in Russia

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